About Biowaste: Medical Waste, Sharps Container, & Biohazard Disposal Company in Brandon, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Trinity, and Surrounding Areas

Biowaste is a medical waste management company that started in 2008 in response to a growing need for local, low-priced, medical waste disposal.

We started our operations in Tampa. For too long, only a handful of large national companies dominated the medical waste management industry and enjoyed excessive profits and overcharges at the expense of Florida’s healthcare providers. With guidance from the Florida Department of Health, Biowaste started with sound, compliant environmental practices and took it to the healthcare market with unprecedented success.

By charging reasonable, flat rate fees, health care facilities finally had a choice when it came to paying the national company’s excessive charges. Biowaste llc is perfect waste management company to partner with. We have a large clientele base in the collection, transportation, treatment of waste disposal, medical waste disposal and biohazardous wastes.

Providing medical waste disposal services to

Tampa, Sarasota to Fort Myers


100% Guaranteed Compliance

EPA Certified Medical Waste Disposal Company in Tampa
OSHA Certified Biohazard Disposal and Biomedical Waste Disposal Business Located Near St. Petersburg Florida
Tampa, Florida Sharps Container Disposal Approved by the Florida Health Department

Guaranteed 100% compliance by preparing a medical waste operating plan, pick up manifests, licensing, and all labeling requirements to ensure worry free compliance.