Red Bag Disposal in Kissimmee, FL

Not all waste is the same, and it is important that certain waste be handled in a specific manner in Kissimmee, FL. Specifically there are red hazardous bags that are to be used by healthcare facilities like medical clinics, hospitals, and other facilities, and it takes a professional red bag disposal outfit like Biowaste Services Inc. in order to properly handle and dispose of this waste. Medical waste is a large percentage of the waste generated in any given year, and because it is infectious by nature certain precautions need to be taken. With our red bag disposal service, you can be sure that your hazardous medical waste is properly disposed of. Contact our team to learn more about getting onto our schedule of service.

What Do Red Bags Contain in Kissimmee

The biohazard red bags that you see in medical facilities and medical research properties are for specific medical waste and not just general waste. It is important that clear instructions are provided for everyone in the facility so that only the approved items are disposed of in the red bags. So what things are to be put in these red biohazard bags? Things like the following:

  • Blood, blood products, as well as other potentially infectious materials
  • Disposable gloves or gowns soaked/caked with blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  • Urine specimen cups with visible blood.
  • Dressings, cotton balls, specimen swabs or other materials soaked or caked with blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  • Tubing contaminated with visible blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  • Paper towels and other disposable materials used to clean up spills containing blood or other potentially infectious materials.
  • Tissues and small pathology waste.
  • Used culture plates, tubes, or bottles.

Keeping Everyone Healthy with Red Bag Disposal Kissimmee, Florida

Biohazard Waste Disposal Containers for Palm Harbor Florida Biomedical Waste Removal ProjectThe whole goal for the use of the red bags is to ensure that only hazardous medical waste is placed in these bags so that they can be disposed of in a way that ensures that nothing infectious is left for people to be exposed to in Kissimmee, Florida. When you talk with our team at Biowaste Services Inc., we can help you to understand the importance of keeping general waste out of the red bags as well as helping to educate everyone at your facility as to what is and is not acceptable to put in the red bags for disposal.

Red bag disposal is an important service that treats this special kind of waste as infectious and our team can provide the right disposal of it. The biggest and tallest building in downtown is the Osceola County courthouse. The Houston Astros conducted spring training in Kissimmee, at Osceola County Stadium from 1985 to 2016. The Silver Spurs Arena has been hosted to many acts, ranging from Hilary Duff and Bob Dylan to an annual rodeo event. Contact us today to start your red bag disposal service from a trusted name in the industry.

100% Guaranteed Compliance

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Guaranteed 100% compliance by preparing a medical waste operating plan, pick up manifests, licensing, and all labeling requirements to ensure worry free compliance.

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