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Medical Waste management
      Toll Free  1- 888 - 340 - 7339    Direct  772 - 595 - 5520
Florida Department of Health
      Licensed Transporter
           Permit # 7446
              OSHA Compliance 
                and Regulatory
DEP/ EPA Compliance
           Permit # 
BioWaste LLC  will be handled in compliance with section 381.0098, F.S. and chapter 64E-16, Florida Administration Code (FAC) and includes any solid or liquid
waste which may be present a threat of infection to humans.The term includes, but not limited to, non-liquid human tissue and body parts,discarded sharps,human
blood,human blood products,laboratory waste which contain human disease-causing agents,and body fluids.

when filled,all sharps containers and red bags shall be sealed properly by the generator,Employee Training for OSHA FDOH Compliance  shall detail Compliance
with your "Bio Medical Operating Plan"   and shall include: Identification,Segregation,Handling,labeling and Procedures for Decontaminating Spills and Leaks 
"Spill Kit"
 Reliable     Courteous       Low Cost       No Contracts       No Hidden Fees 
Medical Waste Removal & Disposal Service
Biowaste LLC provides healthcare facilities with an
environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to your current medical waste disposal company. We offer medical waste pick up, removal and disposal with an affordable, all-inclusive package. 

Our medical, chemotherapy, sharps and pharmaceutical waste disposal meet and exceed current and future requirements of the FDOH, EPA, and OSHA. We can also help  bring  your facility to FDOH compliance by preparing your Biomedical waste plan .
Medical Waste Disposal for
    Health care Facilities
Medical waste disposal services
that offer total compliance,
customer service and savings with
every pick -up.

      Affordable Sharps containers 
                 and supplies
Providing proper sharps containers insures compliance for your office
and the safety of you employees  and  patients.
FDOH  Permitted And Insured Medical                 Waste Transporter
BiowasteLLc  Trained technician will remove your facilities infections waste and dispose according to FDOH regulations.
  Flat rate service
3237 Oleander Ave Fort Pierce, FL  34982